(Rainy Day:A416)

11:00-12:05 Performance

11:03-11:13 REBELS:Our improved performance with the new members will liven up this festival!

11:18-11:38 ROOTS:Dance performance including a variety of genres from Street Dance Circle "ROOTS." There will also be a performance in the courtyard!

11:43-12:03 LUPIN:Dance performance that is perfectly in sync! You will definitely enjoy many of the artists!

12:10-13:00 Yukata Contest

Hotter than Miss Contest!? Osaka University Summer Festival's Yukata Contest is also here this year! Who will be the one that looks the best in Yukata in Osaka University? Come and check it out to see the winner! Everyone can vote - we are now accepting your vote in advance!

13:10-14:00 Boy-like/Girl-like Costume Contest

We hold a new program each year here at Osaka University Summer Festival! Let's get hotter than the sun! Everyone come and vote the winner!



2. Troublemaker

3. Amore Nitta

4. Waa$aVi

14:10-15:05 Folk Costume Collection

The most so-Faculty of Foreign Studies-like program! There will be performers singing and dancing dressed in folk costumes of their major languages.

Participants this year:

1. PichiPichiKaimo (Thai major, sophomore)

2. Flying Girls (Danish major, freshman)

3. HUMBA (German major, freshman)

4. Les Joyeux Comperes (French major, freshman)

5. Vietnamese major (Vietnamese major, freshman)

6. Hinjoyan (Hindi major, sophomore and junior)

7. Fon phu Thai (Thai major, freshman)

8. THE WALLS (English major, freshman)

9. Peru go. ft. Yone (Persian major, freshman and sophomore)

15:35-17:15 Band

15:40-15:55 Minoh Band Umpa: We will be young and play some cute music.

16:05-16:20 Steroid Yasuo: The hottest stage by the best "Steroid Yasuo." You cannot miss our stage!

16:30-16:45 RiSA: the strongest, best Anime song band from Minoh Band!

16:55-17:10 Four Meals A Day: Gt,vo. Yu Takada. Dra,vo. Daisuke Shibasaki. Ba. Sosuke Okazaki. Gt. Yuna Noguchi. Members from different background make up this band. who have the common goal: "go play cool rock music."

Twitter: @4meals_a_day

17:30-19:30 Bon Festival Dance

Bon Festival Dance is our big attraction that makes the grand finale of the Summer Festival. Why not liven up dancing with the Bon Festival music with us? Let's make this summer night an amazing one!

(* If it's raining, it will be held in the gym. In this case, the Bon Festival will be divided into two parts due to regulating admissions. We will hand out the tickets at the main tent from 15:45. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the staff at the festival!