(Rainy Day:A215

11:50-13:46 Band and Performance

11:50-12:10 Halaawwaat:Mysterious and gorgeous dances of the Middle East performed by Halaawwaat.

12:15-12:45 Talibe:Dynamic and passionate drum and dance performances of West Africa performed by Talibe.

12:50-13:10 guri to gura:Relaxing acoustic guiter and piano performance to ease up your day.

13:14-13:45 JAZZ desafinado:Entrancing jass performances by the JAZZ desafinado.

13:14-15:00 Karaoke Contest

It's time to decide who's the best singer among the study abroad students of Osaka Univ!! It's up to you audiences to decide the champion, so don't miss it!








15:10-17:15 Band and Performance

15:10-15:30 Hello! Project Society:Hello! Project Society will be performing famous Japanese idol dancers such as 'Morning Musume. '16', '℃-ute' and more!

15:35-16:05 FREE DANCE MITSUOKA-SAMA:Street dancing and other genres of dances by FREE DANCE MITSUOKA-SAMA. They are usually practicing in pilotis in Toyonaka Campus!

16:10-16:40 Syny.jpd:Syny.jpd will be dancing to some famous pop songs! 'Handaizaka46', a group within Syny.jpd, has recently participated in 'UNIDOL', a national idol-dance-copying contest.

16:10-17:15 ROOTS:Street dancing performed by ROOTS. They're also performing on ground stage from 11:18-!